The Avon Book Campaign 21 2019 – Street Smart. Skin Care.

The Avon Book Campaign 21 2019 – Street Smart. Skin Care.  

Your new Avon Book is effective to shop/view online 9/18/19 – 10/1/19. Amazing deals as always online. See a brief review below. Why every two weeks Avon launches new brochures? because it keeps us up to date on what’s trending now at Avon! Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online

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The Avon Book Campaign 21 2019 - Street Smart. Skin Care.
The Avon Book Campaign 21 2019 – Street Smart. Skin Care.


It takes a few small steps to achieve something big and noble. From the very first page, you can find products that you can buy and that way help in Avon’s fight against breast cancer. Lipstick and practical purse for your makeup, jewelry for casual outfits, scented candles, big totes that can carry all your makeup and necessities… Whatever you choose, it will be of help!

Your lips speak volumes! On page 10 Avon offers lipsticks that will emphasize the beauty of your lips! Avon True Color is always ready to make your lips soft and healthy, so you just need to pick a color that matches your personality! There is something for everybody: hushed tones, bright burst, or chic out loud!

With Avon, you can laugh away your laugh lines! That’s right, Anew Clinical will erase all those nasty lines around your lips that make you smile less. On page 31, Anew has Line Eraser with Retinol – a product that will take care of your beautiful smile! It’s recommended by dermatologists, and completely safe for your skin. And let’s not forget that retinol is the main ingredient when it comes to fighting wrinkles!

On page 40 and 41 Avon Clean collection has new products for perfectly flawless skin! One set is made for brightening the skin and evening the skin tone, while others are made for firmer and lifted skin. The first step is to apply the foam, and then you can try the mask that will set everything in place. When you’re finished, the results are splendid and guaranteed!

On page 75 is a home fragrance collection! Scented candles offer different fragrances for every room in your home! And if you want to create some special atmosphere, now you have the choice! If you’re celebrating then choose Sweet Pumpkin candles; with seasonal treats try Apple Orchard combination; for cozying up at home, you’ll need white sandalwood! What’s your choice and mood?

Avon Campaign 21 Catalogs 2019
Avon Campaign 21 Catalogs 2019. Effective to shop 9/18/19 – 10/1/19.

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