The #Avon Book Campaign 18 2019 – Your #Beauty BFF’S

The #Avon Book Campaign 18 2019 – Your #Beauty BFF’S 

Here is your new Avon Book effective to shop/view online 8/6/19 – 8/20/19. Amazing deals as always online. See a brief review below. Why every two weeks Avon launches new brochures because it keeps us up to date on what’s trending now! Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online

Do you have a problem with dry skin during the summer season? If you do, then open the page 9 and try Avon’s best solution for this irritating problem: Moisture Therapy collection! With regular use, these creams and lotions will hydrate your skin, and nourish it. Even if you have extra dry skin, Moisture Therapy can help, and you’ll forget the dryness forever!

Avon Advance Techniques has become a tradition when it comes to hair care. On page 19 Avon has a new product for special care of dry skin that needs moisturizing: Reconstruction 7 Intense Recovery Mask! The mask will instantly nourish your hair, giving it shine and hydration it needs. Use it weekly, and see the results for yourself, you’ll enjoy in your shiny and healthy skin!

Click on your Avon brochure’s below on the individual links provided just for you by your Avon Lady online. I appreciate you shopping/viewing my site. 💖

Avon Campaign 18 2019
Avon Campaign 18 2019

On page 24 Avon Anew products for skincare are now available in mini sizes! It is the season for travels and Avon knows that you need practical and useful products to take with you on a trip. Therefore, Avon mini Anew collection is the right choice if you want to take care of your skin on vacation! Put Anew in your purse and go!

From page 58 you can read the stories written by Avon’s associates about their favorite Avon perfumes and rituals they have! Whether it’s Avon Luck, Little Black Dress, Today, Ultra Sexy Pink – Avon has managed to produce fragrances that you love! You’ll be thrilled to see the prices, so use the opportunity to make your own ritual with one of Avon’s best perfumes!

Mark collection has great makeup, but now there’s Mark clothesline that’s absolutely amazing! Dive into the world of interesting patterns, prints, detail, maxi dresses, and think of new outfits for this season! Mark has unique and innovative patterns that will amaze you, and inspire you for new ideas in the fashion area! Renew your style, try Mark safari dress or beautiful sandals, and make this summer even hotter!

The #Avon Book Campaign 18 2019 - Your #Beauty BFF'S.
The #Avon Book Campaign 18 2019 – Your #Beauty BFF’S.

Here are the links below for each of the individual brochures and effective dates, outlet, & flyers online.

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Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online
Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online

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