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In this New Avon catalogs campaign 19 8/20/16 – 9/2/16 and all Avon catalogs to go along with your main Avon eBrochure, please refer to their catalog dates they all have different expiration dates. This catalogs is full of beautiful FALL Jewelry Update, it’s a must see / have ladies. Your going to love it. Avon Outlet, Avon mark. Catalog, Avon Flyers, Avon Living they are full of exciting stuff start shopping for the holidays ahead there is something for everyone in Avon..

Avon a brand you can trust 130 years you know that has a lot to say., quality products, savings, awesome value, and customers rant & raves about Avon products. Who said Avon is old fashioned?! I think not! Lol!! Don’t have an Avon rep your more than welcome to shop my online store open 24/7 via smartphone, tablet, & P.C. @ https://maryvjjj1.avonrepresentative.com

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Enjoy your Avon catalogs online. HAPPY AVON SHOPPING!..

AVON Catalog Campaign 19 
SHOP: 8/20/16 – 9/2/16

Other Avon catalogs to go along with your main Avon catalog above check them out folks. Lots of sales and tons of gift ideas..

Here are some pics below of the pages of your Avon Catalog..YOU GOTTA LOVE THIS NEW JEWELS!!!


 Amazing jewelry!




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Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online
Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online

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