Moisture Therapy Bonus Size Body Lotions Trio

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My favorite lotions at this amazing price & value I can’t pass it on get your moisture therapy today. Why get moisture therapy?, if you have itchy skin!. Myself & my spouse use calming relief, especially my spouse because he has chronic dry skin. 

In my opinion I like this lotion because of no scent to them, I use perfumes, & I don’t like my lotions to be scented or to mix with my perfume scent. Just a little tip. 😊

Super dry skin! Use intensive healing repair. 

Protect your skin! Use daily skin defense. 

I personally love this lotions, is non- greasy & more so because this lotion are unscented. 

Get all three lotions for $19.99 @ AVON MOISTURE THERAPY or click on image. 

This amazing offer is good through 7/8/16. 

A $39 value, the collection includes: 
• Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair Body Lotion – 33.8 fl. oz. a $13 value 
• Moisture Therapy Calming Relief Body Lotion – 33.8 fl. oz. a $13 value 
• Moisture Therapy Daily Skin Defense Body Lotion – 33.8 fl. oz. a $13 value  

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