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#Join The #Avon #Sample Club. I’m starting something new with my Avon Business and of course, I am trilled to do this for my Avon customers via online!!! Beginning in the month of July 2017, I will be launching my Avon Sample of the Month Club. I will send out samples the second week of each month (the 15th).
There is no cost to sign up to receive a monthly Avon sample and there will be no pressure for you to place an order. I will follow up with you and ask you to complete a short survey on the product that you sampled. I will also be featuring the feedback left to me, in a series of blog posts on my online blog sites and Facebook. You can sign up to participate or cancel at any time! by simply private messaging me at: *Private Message me on my Facebook Avon Business Page

Join The Avon Sample Club - Mary Vivanco Your Avon Rep Online

Should you love the sample product and want to purchase it in full size, I will give you 10% off! How does that work if you shop online? As long as you ordered with me as your Avon Representative, once you place your order, I will be able to see what you ordered. I will take 10% off the item and mail it to you as a reimbursement. Sound Good…..

Join The Avon Sample Club - Mary Vivanco Your Avon Rep Online. Fill Out The Form Below.

Refer A Friend: If you refer my Avon Sample Club to someone and they join as well ~ when they place their first order with me as their Avon Representative, I will give you (as the referrer) a FREE GIFT!

Join The Avon Sample Club - Mary Vivanco Your Avon Rep Online. Fill Out The Form Below.

*What do you need to provide to me to become my Avon Sample Club Member?
Your First and Last Name (I will NOT display your last name publicly on my blogs, Facebook, or anywhere else!!!)

*Your Mailing Address (I need this to send you your samples! Of course your full address will not be publicly displayed. I will be using your city and state when I include the reviews on my blogs, Facebook, or anywhere else!!!)

*Whether you are of Fair, Medium, or Dark Skin Tone (This helps me do my best to send you a shade that has the best chance to work for you, should the sample of the month be a makeup foundation!!!)

*When it comes to your skin care routine, what are your goals? (Keep it simple or more comprehensive)
Age: 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-55, or 55+ (This will help me to organize as well as have a better understanding in certain samples, etc that I send you!!! Must be no younger than 18 years of age to participate in my Sample Club!!!)

*Please Register Online as my Avon eCustomer, with me (Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online) as your Avon Representative (This will help you when you’re ready to place an Avon Order Online!)

*What questions will I be asking you to answer after you have sampled (that will be used in short surveys on my online blogs, Facebook, etc)?
*These are examples and I could very well add more questions if I feel they are needed to be covered for certain products that you may have sampled.

*Would you recommend this product to a friend?
*What was your favorite thing about this sample product?
*What would you say are Pros of using this product?
*What would you say are Cons of using this product?
*Did someone other than myself refer you to this Avon Sample of the Month program if so, who?

You can reach out to me online to sign up as a participant of my Avon Sample of the Month Club. You can also direct any and all questions about my sample program, the Avon Opportunity, and/or Avon Products at:

*Email me at
*Private Message me on my Facebook Avon Business Page
*Direct Message me on my Twitter Account

*Ready to order your favorite Avon products online now? Visit My Avon eStore and qualify for FREE SHIPPING when your order is $40 or more (no code needed)!!!

NOTE*** This Sample Club is NOT endorsed by Avon Products Inc. nor New Avon LLC. This program is run solely by me, Mary Vivanco , your Avon Independent Sales Representative. This program may end at any time at the discretion of Mary Vivanco, Avon Independent Sales Representative. Participants that have joined my monthly Sample Club can and will be removed from the program if they do not place orders with me, as their Avon Representative, in a three month period of initially joining. Product Samples and Free Gifts are chosen by me, Mary Vivanco, your Avon Independent Sales Representative and not chosen by those that are participating in my Sample Club. 👄