Hello January #2019 – New Beginnings 365 Days to Rewrite Mine/Your Story

Hello, January #2019 – New Beginnings 365 Days to Rewrite Mine/Your Story.

I’m so thankful for new beginnings time to look ahead with a positive attitude in life. Life, in general, isn’t easy, but when you believe all is possible with God. I’m a single mother to a special needs child and trust me it isn’t easy at all there is always new challenges that arise. But I’m so forever thankful for the strength, courage, love & health that has been giving to me so I can continue on in life with my precious child and help others with words of encouragement. There are days that I want to scream but I realize I/we must cherish these moments as well and turn them in a positive outcome in life.

My son’s condition is Phelan McDermid Syndrome #22q13 chromosome deletion. They told us Joshua wouldn’t walk or talk and he is walking now nearly 3 years ago is when he started walking. He does say ma… and he can be very loud. Joshua’s progress has been truly a blessing. View the video below it’s so educational, encouraging and so much love… I’m forever thankful for the therapist. Therapies are amazing OT, PT & ST. I’m also forever thankful for Tender Care Medical Servies. The services that are available now for special needs children are amazing thank you, God…

God bless all Special Needs Parents. I learn in life to be thankful always and realize that when I’m thankful this beautiful energy comes back to me to show me that life is beautiful. There is not a day that doesn’t go by that I’m so forever thankful for my son I wouldn’t know what to do without him he is my everything he has shown me more than I can imagine in life meaning from within compassion, care, & lending an ear and a hand to help one another. I always find it to be that the people that have the most challenges in their lives are more than willing to listen and help. This new year I wish everyone the best. Remember that every situation and difficulties can be resolved.

As my mom says help yourself and God will help you, in other words, do the things you can and let God do what you can’t fix and God will in his divine time… (TURST) if life throws lemons at you/me let’s make lemon juice-HA! LOL! DELICIOUS!!! Also, remember that there is someone out there fighting for their lives and fighting a battle always be forever thankful. Prayers are so POWERFUL AND SO VERY IMPORTANT IN ONCE LIFE!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

Positive energies with much love from me to you all. God is good always… I hope you find this post encouraging. I appreciate you for browsing. Want to reach out simply leave a reply below the post or give it a thumbs-up.


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