It’s A Very Sad Day And I Also Include Words of Encouragement For You!

It’s A Very Sad Day And I Also Include Words of Encouragement For You! Hope you are all doing well. Sure is a very sad day today 4/21/16 our legendary Prince left us. I was never a fan, but I really liked he’s music. So sad that all of our icons from back in the 70’s 80’s 90’s are leaving us. Boy! makes me think twice for sure that no one is grantee for tomorrow not even pop-stars, movie-stars, and etc, etc.. I’ve always said live today with dignity, respect, lots, lots of love so tomorrow it won’t be of no surprise. Live one day at a time, one day is sufficient.

Love should be our main goal to transmit it to others so others may do the same. We are human and we require of  affection, understanding, and care. That’s why God gave us 5 senses and may we use them with the intention of learning, growing and understanding.

Here today Gone Tomorrow! Some are blessed to live a longer life, and some are not so blessed. I believe it could be the matter of circumstances in life and situations only God knows.

Never give up in life aim for your dreams regardless, and if you have loving and caring people surrounding you why not!, what’s holding you back? Make each day count! & Cherish every moment because every moment is your life. Well I believe to make each moment count and also I believe in everlasting eternal life after this one our bodies are temporarily, but our souls are eternal it’s just a matter of if we believe., we may go to two different place Heaven or Hell. The older I get the more I think of this, well we all should live at peace within ourselves, and of course it starts at home with your family, & friends. Always forgive others even if they’ve done wrong onto you, which is one hard thing to do for me, but for sure understanding it more every day. Forgive so your soul can be freed from the bondage of hate, arrogance, disrespect, and so much more. Forgiveness is the freedom for your soul and it will helps us grow as better persons in life.


P.S. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL IS A MIRACLE! RESPECT LIFE AND CHERISH IT EVERY SINGLE BREATH YOU TAKE. Well this are my thoughts for tonight and hope it’s an encouragement for someone out there via online. I’m not only an Avon lady via online, but a human being that cares about true values in life and to achieve them as well and grow to be a better person and encourage others with words of life!!.. May God Bless You All.

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