I Finally Did The Switch – #Blogger to #WordPress

I was one of those skeptical here is my story in switching from blogger to WordPress.org. Affirmative WordPress has so many Plugin’s / options way far more advanced than blogger, & plus you own your own blogging platform with WordPress.org. Blogger is owned by Google which it’s a BIG plus, but you don’t own your platform and they can shut down your blog anytime which something I dislike and in the back of my mind I worried this can happen. As an Avon Rep Online didn’t want to take the chance & of how much I’m promoting my Avon products.

Liking/new to WordPress. Glad I migrated From Blogger to WordPress.


I was with Blogger for a little over 3 years and I liked the easiness in Blogger I definitely learn a lot with the theme section of Blogger and adding different HTML codes/ CSS codes I also liked the idea of Email Post to in the setting-Email posts to, as pic shown below. Email posts to ? Says this: Email posts to Enter a comma separated list of up to 10 email addresses to have your blog mailed to whenever you publish. I don’t see this in WordPress!? Any help from WordPress community I would appreciate. I have noticed that the subscriber subscribe to the blog and the subscriber forgets to confirmed it in their emails. Just a thought!.

Email posts to Enter a comma separated list of up to 10 email addresses to have your blog mailed to whenever you publish.

Email Posts To in Blogger settings-email section

With WordPress I noticed I’m not able to access all the HTML section of the entire blog like Blogger. I’m very new to WordPress so I would appreciate WordPress community help!. So much to learn in WordPress but I’m loving it already.

I had purchased The Aruba Nights theme earlier in the year for my Blogger.com blog with www.pipdig.co what an awesome support with pipdig for installing my theme in Blogger and now the migration from Blogger to WordPress was a breeze.. I definitely recommend them. But back to the Aruba nights theme for blogger was definitely super nice, but I felt like I needed to do the migration to WordPress I kept reading awesome things about WordPress and getting more traffic to my site using WordPress.org and also hearing from some Avon representatives using WordPress and getting a lot more traffic w/WordPress also better SEO and then with Pipdig sending promotional email about migrating blogger to WordPress that did it & the 5 top reason and I was like I’m doing it. The migration using Pipdig.co was wonderful I didn’t have to worry about the migration they did it all, all I had to do is sit back and relax. So here I am with Equinox theme from Pipdig.co and my host SiteGround.com I give these company a high-five, very supportive  & amazing customer care.. Thank You Pipdig.co and to Mr Phil for the amazing support you guys rock.

I should have done the migration long ago, but I’m content that I didn’t waited any longer. Three years of using blogger as my blog platform is way too long.., lol. I guess the idea of being free was the big reason why I stayed with blogger. Gonna give WordPress a shot which I’m already liking it more and more. If your on a budget use blogger it’s free, but don’t wait too long like I did. Hope you enjoyed this post. Definitely looking forward for your inputs. Blogging experience is never ending, challenging and fun in my point of view.

I will be writing/promoting a lot for my Avon product and a little of everything else.

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