Encouragement in life and never giving-up!

Encouragement in life and never-giving-up & it also applies to what you do in life as well. Besides talking about my Avon products behind this Avon Lady there is a lot of challenges in my life, and I want to share my story with you, so you can know a little more about me, my family, and mainly encouragement because that makes me happy to encourage others, even if it’s with words. I truly believe words are healing and bring lots of hope. (Speak Life!). I also work full-time for a large retail Co., part-time (Avon), take care of my sweet angel my son, and of course everyday life errands. I’m bless to have my partner he’s been a tremendous help to me and our little family, because I’ve learned that there are fathers that once they find out that their child is disabled they run and don’t want to deal with it, which makes me sad these beautiful kiddos are amazing they’ll teach us more than what we can teach them about life. It warms my heart to see Joshua and his father and express their love to one another because sometimes words aren’t necessary because words can’t explain it you simply feel it with your heart.

Hope everyone had a lovely day today whether you’re a northerner or southerner, Oh! wait and westerners and easterners too, lol…

Hope the world is doing good. Life is too short not to make the most of it. A day at a time is all we can handle. Life is beautiful, but yet fragile at the same time. God Is Good no matter the obstacles we face that’s when we must choose the one we are able to take care off and the rest let God take care of it, cast your cares to him, prayer is powerful and I see it working in my life little by little. As a special needs parent to my beautiful child, Joshua #22Q13 has been an enormous challenge, and that’s when I to learn to live one day at a time without beating myself to the ground it isn’t easy. Our son can’t walk or talk, but with prayers, the amazing therapies has done an amazing job for my son, slow progress, but it’s a progress that’s when I learn to never give-up which I feel that it applies in all you do in your life to never give-up you keep pushing., be an inspiration for others and help one another with words of encouragement, love, care, and most of all respect for one another. There is someone else fighting a harder fight than you, so let’s not forget that.., and that’s what I mean encourage one another with words of healing and love.

“My mom always says if life isn’t over just keep pushing forward because the only thing that does not have a cure is death, you can’t turn back to change that”.

As parents to special needs child is hard when I start thinking about what about the future for my son when we no longer are here to care for him, and that’s when I remember one day at a time, because I’ll definitely go crazy thinking things like this, but I remember that we’re humans, and I can’t help myself not to feel this way, and that’s when I turn to God to get some peace in my heart and soul to calm these horrible feelings. We are to trust God and let him…

I love my Joshua he has shown us more than what we can imagine, true love, care, understanding, respect, compassion, and listen with your heart and soul. Our Joshua is our everything we wouldn’t change anything. He’s such a precious child a 5-year-old little boy that has stolen our hearts with his precious smile.

Don’t get me wrong this sweet little boy of ours knows how to express himself and lets himself know when unhappy for someone that can’t speak he sure has lungs lol.. and that makes us so very happy.

There is more to this Avon lady story and I hope I’m an encouragement to some of you out there. Be thankful always. A thankful heart is a happy heart. NEVER GIVE UP!! In this life what matters to me is the strength, health, & lots of love everything else comes and goes, but when you don’t have these essential things I mention, there is no life. I’m thankful God has given us health and the strength we need to help this sweet boy of ours…


Standing up on his stander. He loves doorknobs. We put him on the stander twice a day an 1 1/2 each time we stand him up. He also loves outside.

Learn more about this syndrome at http://22q13.org amazing stories and encouragement and mainly support.

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That’s all I have for now!. Stay Calm, Be Happy, and Breathe.

With much love
Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online

Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online
Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online

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