Why I love Avon a company for women and a few good men.

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Why I love Avon a company for women and a few good men. With Avon you don’t have to hesitate to shop online with your Avon eRep our online websites are lovely, easily to use, browse, shop, at your convenience, and if you have any questions you can easily contact your eRep, via email, via chat, call, text, or by connecting with them on social networks., so that’s the lovely thing that even though you don’t have a face to face with your AvonLady you are still able to talk to them. Building trust with your local or eRepresentative via web is super important. I love Avon because I love taking care of my customers and their concerns.. I also love Avon because I can share the opportunity with you and how great Avon is.. If your a people person and your not shy then this is perfect as well as for shy people it helps you develop your communications skills is not easy, but not impossible. I personally I’m a very shy person, but I love Avon and their products that I love to share it with all my customers and potential customers as well., in other words Avon my business is my passion, it sure isn’t a stress you gotta love what you do to succeed. I love this quote. I downloaded it from LinkedIn.

I love the fact that my customers are able to order from my website open 24/7 at their convenience, also because they don’t have to wait for me to place their orders in two weeks, my customers are able to order right away without waiting and they can have their products delivered right then and there to their doorsteps. I also find that my customers get awesome promotions online then me placing an order for them, don’t get me wrong I do to love placing orders for them!, but I love to steer my customers on the right direction where they are able to get the most value for their bucks.. Keeping my customers up to date educating them on our products, on sales, promotions that makes me happy. I also find it very convenient ordering online because time is valuable for everyone now a days.. Always remember when checking out you get a free brochure, so request it, it’s FREE!! Shop with me today your eRep. 🙂

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 Avon a well know company trusted products, quality products, Buy your favorite products, Avon Products. Our products aren’t just that. There quality! The Company that is known for #Centuries

 Skin So Soft

Anew Skincare

Fragrance & Cologne- Such as Classics & Modern- Black Suede, Wild Country – Driven- Imari- Far Away- Fergie- Haiku- Passion and more!! 

Bras & undergarments
Bath and Body
For the Home items
Baby Items & Clothing
Daily Needs items
Seasonal products
& MORE! 

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Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online
Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online

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