Christmas Time My Favorite Time Of The Year – 2017

#Christmas Time My Favorite Time of the year especially more so for our children. Lights, #magical, and mainly for the real reason of the season. Growing-up it’s always been my favorite-time, brings smiles, laughter, family time, bonding, memories, pumpkin-pie, the coffee, just sit back and reflect.

I enjoy it more because of our sweet son he just turned seven and I always say “Seven Heaven” & he is a special needs child. Although my partner & I think he may not understand, but my gut feeling says yes he does just by simply seeing his expressions, his singing out loud, but with sweet tones.. Always a happy little camper.

This year God has made us a little miracle he started walking sometime in May of this year 2017. Doctors had told us that he wouldn’t walk or talk. I do believe next is that he will be talking. (The Power of Prayers) I’m so thankful everyday for my son. He’s syndrome is Phelan McDermid also known as #22q13 chromosome deletion.

We brought out our brand new white Christmas-Tree yesterday afternoon, the day after Thanksgiving Day. Never owned a white Pre-lit Christmas-Tree, and I like it. My son was checking it out! 🙂

Christmas Time My Favorite Time Of The Year
Oh! Christmas-Tree

Photo Credit by papa @jason_staug on Instagram for the two pictures below. He takes lovely pictures.

Christmas Time My Favorite Time Of The Year
My sweet son.

Love Christmas decorations


Christmas-Tree all decorated, but we’re not done with the home decoration. Oh, wait! We gotta get a skirt, lol!!! Red skirt or Green skirt? Hmmm..

Oh! Christmas-Tree
All Decorated

Make this time of the year memorable and leave it close to your hearts. Enjoy it with your families & your dear friends. May this Christmas/Holidays bring joy to the hearts, love, care, compassion, understanding, & listen with the heart always. #LiveAndLearn #LearnAndLive. Hope you enjoyed the post and thank you for visiting. 🙂

May God Bless you all and Merry Christmas 2017

With much Love your Avon Representative Online,

Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online

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  1. December 25, 2017 / 7:34 PM

    I thank God for having you my sweet son. The most precious gift. My special needs child. You’ve thought us more than what we can imagine. 🎄🎁🎅🏼🙏🙌

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