Avon Living Catalog

Avon Living Catalog / Magalog good through 4/29/16

Our second Avon living catalog, it’s full of beautiful spring fresh ideas to decorate your home. If you haven’t seen our Avon living catalog check it out ladies, it’s just lovely what Avon has put together in this catalog. And if you love to decor your home you’re going to love this Avon Living Magazine. 

Avon Living Catalog started 3/5/16 – 4/29/16.https://goo.gl/KUAZCN or click on images below.
In this Avon Living campaign 7-10 2016 has 70 Fresh Finds! Bonus Gardening Section! Effortless Spring STYLE! simple, chick updates + endless inspiration.

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 Avon Living Catalog / Magalog 3/5/16 - 4/29/16
Avon Living Catalog / Magalog
Good through 4/29/16
Effortless Spring STYLE!

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