Avon Campaign 26 Catalogs Online 2016 – Check It Out!

Your Avon campaign 26 2016 is here.., and all active Avon catalogs online. In this new Avon campaign 26 we’re introducing New PRIMA fragrance see the features & benefits, check out our limited time offer the pure elegance watch 72 sparkling swaroski crystals $24.99 each, it’s a must buy, slippers adorable, tons of gifts ideas, makeup, fragrance sets, matte lipstick for $5.99 great stocking stuffers, check out our Avon candle mixoloogy here.., the fashion is out of this world, there is something for everyone in Avon, it’s a must see ladies and gents..

Haven’t shop Avon products? You will be in for a surprise what we have to offer. Don’t have an Avon lady to shop from? Your more than welcome to shop with me online 24/7 @ https://maryvjjj1.avonrepresentative.com/ don’t forget to add me to your favorites..


  • Prima is a floral chypre fragrance – it combines notes of plum, rose and white patchouli.
  • Add Body Lotion and Shower Gel for an allover scent experience.
  • Prima’s bottle and box are beautifully detailed: the bottle is shaped like a ballerina’s toe shoe and the box design evokes the toe shoe’s satin ribbon.
  • American Ballet Theatre dancer Courtney Lavine is the face of Prima.
  • Prima is both delicate and powerful, like the ballerinas who inspired it – and women everywhere.

Prima is so special – I can almost guarantee you’ve never experienced a fragrance like this. Even my customers who don’t usually wear any kind of fragrance love Prima. It’s such a unique scent. Prima weaves together different base and top notes to create a fragrance that’s really elegant. Ballet fashion is everywhere – in shoes, in ballerina-style skirts, and now in fragrance, with Avon’s new Prima.  Prima makes a great gift – just wrap the Eau de Parfum, Body Lotion and Shower Gel together with a satin bow for a really beautiful presentation!
Prima by Avon speaks to the style lover who appreciates fashion’s ongoing love affair with classical ballet. Created in partnership with the prestigious fragrance house of Firmenich, Prima is an ethereal, floral-chypre fragrance – delicate, feminine and quietly powerful. Special offer when you purchase Prima frangrance you will get a full size body lotion & shower gel for free Shop Prima >>>

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Avon Catalog Campaign 26 2016 Shop Avon >>> 11/27/16 - 12/09/16
Avon Catalog Campaign 26
Shop Avon >>>
11/27/16 – 12/08/16

Avon catalogs online. Click on your catalogs below. On Your Avon Outlets is While Supplies Last!! Check them all out. 💁

Avon Campaign 26 Catalogs Online 2016 - Check It Out!
Avon Campaign 26 Catalogs Online 2016 – Check It Out!

Avon Campaign Central | Must-Haves for C26. Check out the video. 👄

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