AVON Campaign 1 2018/2019 – Last Minute Gifts!

AVON Campaign 1 2018/2019 – Last Minute Gifts!Avon campaign 1 brochures available to shop via online filled with last minute gift ideas. Effective to shop 12/12/18 – 12/25/18. Enjoy viewing your catalogs online. I like my Avon always amazing and trending new and now trends… First-time in awhile I post thank you for your patience/support.

Going through a hard time in life, but I will get back on my feet with God’s help. I appreciate your support immensely. Your Avon Lady Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online

Avon Campaign 1 2019
Avon Campaign 1 2019. See it here >>>

Lots of savings always at Avon. There is something for somebody in Avon. Don’t have an Avon lady to shop from? Your more than welcome to shop with me via online and if you have any question simply leave a reply below this post.

Avon Campaign 1 2019

Here are the links below for each of the individual brochures and effective dates, outlet, & flyers online.

Current AVON Coupon Codes / Promos

Additional savings just for you

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Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online

Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online
Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online

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