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Are you a stay at home mom?! You have lots and lots of potential to start your own business. Are you a ppl person?! And if you aren’t its achievable nothing is impossible!! Do you love skincare, makeup, jewelry, fashion, and much much more…, then this is for you.. Avon has been around for ages for their awesome highly quality products… Avon speaks for itself.

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Amazing opportunity for you & for your family. Any questions leave comments. 😊 You have nothing to lose & lots to gain. Remember is your business and you decide how far you want to take it.

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What’s Your Why? Why I Joined Avon?!. Become an Avon Rep Today to Sell beauty, it’s more than selling beauty. It’s the passion to start your own business. We start from the bottom up! Work your business and make your dreams come true. Check out all the info provided to get you started on your Avon business journey. Avon  the business for women and a few good men. 🙂

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  • Your Earnings Level: Demos, samples, sales tools and brochures count toward your campaign total order and toward your credit limit. Based on your account and credit limit, you may be required to pay an additional deposit.  
  • You will receive full earnings, as described in the chart above with the exception of fixed earnings products which are indicated by the symbol in the brochure. 
  • Earnings on products with this symbol are 25% for members of the President’s Recognition Program and 20% for all other Representatives. Another exception are samples, sales tools and brochures which do not generate earnings.  
  • You will also earn 20% (25% for President’s Recognition Program members) on all online orders that are shipped directly to your Customers.  
  • To learn more, refer to the Earnings Chart in your What’s New. You can find this document online by going to My Orders > Shop What’s New > What’s New or refer to the printed copy you received with your order or new Appointment Kit.

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Do you love makeup, beauty, fashion, skincare? And there is so much more Avon has to offer. Possibilities are endless!!
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