Are you a stay at home mom? Avon Opportunity!

Are you a stay at home mom?! You have lots and lots of potential to start your own business. Are you a ppl person?! And if you aren’t its achievable nothing is impossible!! Do you love skincare, makeup, jewelry, fashion, and much much more…, then this is for you.. Avon has been around for ages for their awesome high quality products… Avon speaks for itself.Are you a stay at home mom? Avon Opportunity!

To start your own business is only $25.00 get your own free website, share on your social networks, write blogs for free on WordPress or Blogger…
Distribute brochures around your neighborhood let them know that you are the AVON LADY!! To learn more & check it out @

Amazing opportunity for you & for your family. Any questions leave comments. 😊 You have nothing to lose & lots to gain. Remember is your business and you decide how far you want to take it.

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What’s Your Why? Why I Joined Avon?!. Become an Avon Rep Today to Sell beauty, it’s more than selling beauty. It’s the passion to start your own business. We start from the bottom up! Work your business and make your dreams come true. Check out all the info provided to get you started on your Avon business journey. Avon the business for women and a few good men. 🙂

See links below for info! To guide you through your Avon career

Avon Representative Tips and Tools – Check back to this page often for updates! Depending on how much time you have to dedicate to your Avon business, try implementing 1 – 3 new sales or recruiting activities per week. Not every method is going to work the same for every Avon Representative so be sure to repeat activities that have been successful for you and continue to do the same successful marketing activities for every campaign.

Avon Representative Resources

  1. Campaign Mailer – Avon Catalog Mailing Service
  2. Town & Country – Avon Logo Items
  3. Avon Signs & Decals – Avon Logo Window Clings and Signs
  4. Love my Buttons – Avon Branded Buttons and More
  5. Avery for Avon Representatives – Labels, Postcards, and Marketing Materials for Avon Representatives
  6. VistaPrint – Great for making your own marketing materials and relatively inexpensive!
  7. Buffer – Automate your social media posts.
  8. Square – Process credit and debit cards.
  9. MailChimp – Email marketing service.
  10. Zoom – Host Avon webinars and make screenshot videos.
  11. Animoto – Create Avon video collages.
  12. StatCounter – Track your website traffic.
  13. Google Analytics – Track your website traffic.
  14. Pizap – Create photo collages.
  15. Mailmunch – Collect email addresses.
  16. Bluehost – Web hosting for your blog.
  17. SiteGround – Another Web hosting for your blog
  18. Pipdig – Is who I use a professional theme

Hope this is helpful! Questions? Simply leave comments below or chat with me on the floating Facebook icon. Like the post subscribes, give us a thumbs-up, & share the posts.

Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online
Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online

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