Are you a fashionista? Spring Time Is Around The Corner!

Are you a fashionista? Spring Time Is Around The Corner! What passions you about fashion and what is trending today? Me personally I am a fashionista. I try to be. I love all that is fresh, classic, flowy dresses, and just enough to keep it looking sexy and wondering and as well as new accessories that are bold and small and dainty and looks fabulous… My idea of fashion is to create your own look, it’s funny because people will ask me where did you get that outfit out of a magazine! I’m thinking well yes out of my favorite magazine Avon mark. magalog, their mark. the style is one of my favorites it’s fresh, sophisticated, chick, sexy, everything in one word beautiful. I love my clothes and create lots of ideas and also help my girlfriends with their fashion always be straight-up & forward and kind all the same time. I love to guide my girlfriends in selecting the proper wardrobe to look appropriate and sexy all at the same time.

Spring is around the corner you can be chick, & sexy all at the time wear sexy flowy wardrobe and bold jewelry, small earrings and huge bohemian necklaces, beautiful flat sandals, nice pedicure and my favorite “ankle bracelet” like a nice thin ankle bracelet but yet super shiny when the light reflects from it, it sparkles. Beautiful fresh makeup gets rid off old make-up. With all sincerity after 6 months, my makeup goes in the trash why clog your pores with old makeup? Truly when I get fresh make-up, it makes me happy, and my skin thanks me for it.
Do you work long days? Save time by preparing your wardrobe the night before I find it to save me lots of time in the morning especially when you have to get the kids ready, lol.
I love spring, so much to create within fashion the pastel colors, fresh and new., practically love is in the air for fashion hahaha! us girls love fashion and stay in fashion regardless of ages and etc, etc..

Don’t hesitate to leave comments and subscribe to my blog via email. Here is my favorite fashion booklet, fashion and lots of trends for the spring, and bye the way lots of fresh make-up ideas get rid of the old and new and fresh with SPRING!

Check Out My Favorite Avon mark. magalog catalog online. Spring Style Preview! This Online Catalog is Good Through 3/18/2016′. Check It Out Ladies.. @ or click on the image.

 SHOP FASHION mark. >>>
 SHOP FASHION mark. >>>

You gotta check this catalog out ladies. Let me know what you think?. Again don’t forget to leave comments or questions you may have. I love to hear from you. 🙂

Thank you for checking out my blogs. I’ll try to keep it fresh and inspiring for you. Spring Time is Love Is In The Air, keep them guessing. 🙂

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