Packing Avon Brochure’s to Toss & Lots Of Tips for AVON REPS!.

Tossing Brochure’s Tips

Packing, tips & Tossing Avon brochure’s isn’t easy if your not constant with it. I’ve gain a few customers here and there. But my thoughts on tossing is your planting seeds you just never know.. I love doing it, but I have modifying MY TOSSING by adding coupon codes when they shop online and how more convenient it is., which I had failed to add codes when I first started with Avon, it’s a learning process with my Avon business. Adding coupon codes has helped with online orders because customers are looking for savings and trust me I would do the same. It makes me happy to help them save and not only that but my customers are getting quality products at an amazing value.

So to all Avon reps that sees this post and I hope this is helpful to you when tossing. You can create your documents with Microsoft Word Example on pics below. Question just simply leave comments I’ll get back to you.

1. Tip: Always add your business cards in brochure’s.

2. Tip: Add coupon codes using your Microsoft word.

3. Tip: Get your business cards at: Great offers

4. Tip: Get your clear literature bags at your Avon back office Under Sales Tools Item # 058-433 pk. 50 / $0.80 cents.

5. Tip: It’s a learning process. We all start at the bottom and work to the top & depending how hard you work to work your Avon business or in any business you are in. Work hard & it will pay in the long run. Never give up!. Work It!!.

6. Tip: We learn as we go.

7. Tip: Don’t compare yourself to others.

8. Tip: Creativity

9. Tip: Honesty & professionalism

10. Tip: Sharing is Caring

11. Tip: I like blogger it’s free. Again I made the mistake by buying into a website & no results. Blogger is a Google product & I trust google blogger platform, amazing.

12. Tip: Organization and discipline

13. Tip: Printing your labels SAVES SO MUCH TIME & MONEY TOO!! I hand written, it was TIME CONSUMING & LOSS OF MONEY!!! Never again!!..

14.Tip: Sign-up to all social media.

15.Tip: Get your plastic covers for your brochure 246-520 – Supplies -Plastic Brochure Cover

16. More Avon Rep Tips with blogger platform @ tips for Avon Reps here


18. I recommend Pipdig templates in love with my Aruba Nights template for They also have templates for or as well

I have a passion about my Avon business. Currently I’m doing it part-time because I have a full-time job at a large retail store. I love having my own Avon business via online and face to face ordering. I hope this is helpful to you.

Microsoft Word
Example: Of what you can put in with your
Avon Brochure’s with your
Avon eStore url.
246-520 – Supplies -Plastic Brochure Cover

TIPS For Avon Reps and future reps. 

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The advantages to ordering online are:

  • You don’t have to wait for a representative to deliver it to you, which sometimes can take up to a week or more.
  • When you order online, it will be shipped directly to you from Avon and you should receive it within just a couple of days.
  • There are also online specials and free standard shipping with your $40 order.

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