♥Avon Campaign 16 The A Box – The Liner Vault ♥

♥Avon Campaign 16 The A Box – The Liner Vault ♥Our newest A Box for Campaign 16 is all about eyes—The Liner Vault A Box (858-720) features faves that will give you alluring eyes, plus makeup remover. Just $10 with any $40 purchase. This A Box is effective to get via online 7/10/18 – 7/23/18.

♥Avon Campaign 16 The A Box - The Liner Vault ♥
Avon Campaign 16 The A Box – The Liner Vault

the A BOX The Liner VaultWhat’s Inside The A Box? Discover why this is not your typical beauty box.

No Subscription Necessary: Buy one A Box now or a new A Box every 2 weeks with no commitment needed.

The Beauty’s in the Value: Every collection has a value that’s at least 4-5 times the price* of the A Box!

You Know What’s Included: We show you what’s included in every A Box – so you only buy the collections with products that you love!

Eye-Catching Offer
Five faves valued at $35!

So Many Ways to Get to $40
Remember that all purchases in your Campaign 16 order count toward a qualifying $40 order for the $10 collection offer—including orders from the C16 Outlet and Marketing catalogs.

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Shop/View Avon Campaign 16 -100% fun
Shop/View Avon Campaign 16 -100% fun

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