Considering The Change On My Site Domain Name | What Do You Think Folks?

Considering The Change On My Site Domain Name More Than Beauty Needs | What Do You Think Folks? I feel this is a the wrong domain for my beauty blog site. I should have thought about it before I chose this domain name. I’m reading a lot of professional SEO sites and their advice is to choose carefully a domain name to match your site description, which makes perfect sense. It may affect my rankings by switching or may not.

When I chose More Than Beauty Needs I wasn’t thinking, and it really doesn’t relate to makeup, skincare, fashion, jewelry & etc.. More than beauty needs will actually relate more to inner beauty, beauty of the soul, & etc, etc.. I’ve had this domain for almost 2 yrs.. It was originally I’ve read that it can affect my traffic / rankings that I’ve gain in the last 1 1/2 year if I move, but I’ve also notice that I don’t get much traffic / rankings either, so light bulb went off! “My domain name may be part of the problem affecting to what it should really relate to”. This means it will be a lot of work to move to a new domain name..

I would appreciate your input & advice?! Pls leave comments below post.

I’m thinking to switch to my new domain name that really relates to my beauty blog. I may loose & also gain traffic as well, it’s a risky change, but I am feeling optimistic about it.. Blogging is an experience and the longer I’m promoting, sharing, writing, & noticing it’s so much more to blogging. I’m learning as I go & getting so much better at it, but willing to give this a try.

Site domain name will be changing between the dates of  5/21/17 – 6/9/17. When it changes it will redirect you to the new domain name. I’m not going anywhere just a little change & I hope you can bear with me & don’t go anywhere, lol.. 😉 MY NEW WEB ADDRESS: WWW.YOURMAKEUPBEAUTYBLOG.COM 

Tip: To anyone out there thinking of blogging make sure it relates to what your blog describes… Super important!. Wish I knew this when I first started to blog for my Avon products, opportunity, beauty, fashion, skincare & so much more.. Def! A learning processes and hoping It doesn’t affect as much.

Some of my pictures will still have more than beauty needs website on it, but like I said it’ll redirect you to the new site domain…

I would appreciate you taking the time to comment below.. Thank you for visiting & commenting as well.. 

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