AVON eBrochure Campaign 13 – DEFY GRAVITY

AVON eBrochure Campaign 13 – DEFY GRAVITY. Your new Avon campaign 13 is here & is good to shop online through 6/9/2017. Tons of makeup sales, beauty products for every need, gifts ideas always, & there is something for everyone in Avon. Who! Said Avon is old fashioned? I think not! Have you seen Avon lately? Check it out here with this Avon lady via web @ www.beautynewandnow.com
Don’t forget to check out the new Avon Living Home Decor for the summer tons of ideas folks!

Features & Benefit: Anew Platinum counteract advanced signs of aging. The most advanced signs of aging include neck sagging, deep wrinkles around the nose and mouth, lip lines, neck bands, loss of color and extreme dryness. Anew targets these advanced signs  of aging for visible younger looking skin.
The neck and chest are as important as the eyes in terms of combating signs of aging.
Summer is a great time for this treatment, with tank tops, sundresses, and swimsuits showing a little more neck and chest.
We will spend almost four years of our lives staring down at our mobile devices, tablets and laptops, which can accelerate wrinkles, line and creases in the neck and chest areas.

  • Tip: 10% Off any size order single use code. Use Coupon Code: WELCOME10 and Free Shipping on $40.00 or more.
  • Tip 2: In this Avon campaign 13 & 14 when you make a $40.00 purchase or more you may want to check out ALL EYES ON YOU KIT a Limited Edition Set add it to your cart for only $10.00 a value of $46.00

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Avon Living it’s definitely a must see!

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