How To Post Pictures Side by Side in Blogger Post – Check It Out!

How To Post Pictures Side by Side in Blogger Post – Check It Out!

In this blog check out the video where I explain how I got images side by side using a table by Roberto Matthews look him up on YouTube, after searching the web and I finally found a table that works for pictures side by side, and on this video I explain to all Avon Reps that uses Blogger for their business & or anyone that blogs using lots of picture and haven’t figured out a way to post pictures side by side..

I hope this video is helpful to many Avon reps & many others that uses Blogger.
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VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE: In the video I mentioned a certain width & height it should actually be @ a 100% & and height @ a 100%.. Also adjust your width in theme & customize in blogger. That will help with your post not running into your sidebars..

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