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Hi, This is Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online. I’m happy to announce Avon Campaign / Catalog 11 Starts today 4/29/2016 good through online 5/13/16, so check it out ladies and gents. It’s full  of sales, fresh styles, our latest AHA Formula, Pure Vitamin C, The X SUPER FOLIATOR The Game Changer Breakthroughs With Amazing Results! So many sales in your Avon brochure Online, your favorite skincare, buy 1 get 1 half price, any 2 for $25 on Outspoken by Fergie Fragrances which I love her fragrances, check out Avon’s 130 years 6-piece collection Avon senses cherry blossom anniversary special for $10.99 on page 147 on your online catalog, and so much more.

 Avon Campaign 11 Good Through 5/13/16
 Avon Campaign 11 Good Through 5/13/16

Well let me not forget The New Avon Living Catalog for the summer season inside your Avon Online Catalog / Brochure you must check it out. This new Avon Living Catalog is good through 6/24/2016. I’m excited and always excited that our Avon Borchure’s are every two weeks and there is always something awesome in each new catalogs.

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Enjoy your Avon Catalogs!

mark. magalog good online through 5/13/16

Avon Outlet Campaign 11 & 12
Good Through 5/27/16. While Supplies Last!
Avon Living Catalog Good Through 6/24/16
 ( NEW)
Avon Special EventsCatalog Good Through
AVON Dad’s Day Catalog, Father’s Day Flyer 
Good Through 5/27/16

 All Avon Current Catalogs Online 2016
 All Avon Current Catalogs Online 2016 

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